Experience coaching at a Mid-Career Change Workshop

You’ve been thinking about making a change for a while.

Some days, when you’ve had a bad day at work or on a Sunday evening when the week stretches ahead of you, change seems like the only option.

But then you remember the mortgage … you can’t change jobs; you can’t afford it! Besides, what else would you do? You feel like you’re only really good at what you do now. Would you have to go back to college? You don’t have time for that - in fact, you don’t have time to make a change full stop! Where would you even start?

At the same time, that niggling feeling won’t go away. You find yourself surfing the web, looking for ideas and inspiration (how hard can it be to move to France and set up a B&B?!). You create an account on a jobs website. Maybe you even revamp your LinkedIn profile.

The problem is, the months are flying past and nothing has changed. You consider working with a career coach but you’re not sure ...

Meet me for a coffee (and some group coaching!)

Join me for my  Mid-Career Change Workshop  in mid-May.

Join me for my Mid-Career Change Workshop in mid-May.

How about this? Dip your toe in the water by meeting me and some other mid-career changers for a relaxed, informal introduction to career coaching at 5.45 pm on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 in Kay’s Kitchen, Ballinteer Shopping Centre.

We’ll have a coffee or tea after the café has closed and get to work with effective coaching tools and techniques to help you get started on your journey towards greater success, confidence and satisfaction in your work.

I am keeping the numbers small – there are only 15 places - because I want you to able to chat with me and ask me any questions you might have, as well as getting one-to-one help with a simple paper-and-pen exercise that we will do during the workshop.

What will we do during the workshop? tell me more!

We’ll begin with some introductions before diving into mid-career change, including:

  • When is “mid-career”?

  • Is there such a thing as a mid-career crisis?

  • The 7 tips for successful mid-career change

Then we’ll talk about starting where YOU are and how to go from there rather than where you think you should be or what you think you should be doing. Have you noticed that we pester ourselves with a lot of “shoulds”, usually involving comparison with someone else who we perceive to be successful? It doesn’t matter who they are - a colleague, family member or friend - but they always seem to have it more together than us!

However, to quote Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of the book Never Too Late to Be Great: The Power of Thinking Long, “Never get too discouraged by the apparent gap between what you believe you are capable of and what it seems you are now. Don't be afraid to entertain thoughts of yourself doing something or being someone of real impact.”

We’ll then move into a simple but effective exercise that will help you start to close that gap. Our goal is to help you identify 1-2 doable action steps to move you forward in your mid-career change journey. You’ll be given everything you need to do the exercise, including full instructions and materials.

Having established your next steps, we’ll wrap up and I’ll outline some further resources that will take you beyond simply surfing the web: I’m all about taking action and I want to help you do that even after the workshop.

Take action

So what are you waiting for? Click here and register for the workshop today! If you’ve any questions, drop me an email or send me a message on my Facebook business page.

P.S. The first 10 places were filled within 24 hours so if you’re interested, don’t delay! There’s also a waiting list so even if it is full, be sure and sign up so I can let you know if a spot opens up. If you’re unable to attend this time around but would like to in the future be sure to scroll down and sign up to my newsletter :)

further reading

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