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Mid-career academics and other professionals, let’s shake things up!

You’re 10 or more years in the workplace. You’re a hard worker with a creative streak. You’ve done all the right things but something doesn’t feel right: the spark’s gone. Or maybe a change in circumstances - a wake-up call - has made you re-evaluate how you spend your time.

let my experience help you

Like you, I’m mid-career: I’ve been a lecturer in psychology for 15 years. A few years ago, a period of ill-health shifted my perspective and helped me realise what was most important in my own life. I mastered my time management, established clearer boundaries, and found ways to do more of what I loved (and less of what I didn’t).

Once I saw what was possible, I wanted to help other mid-career professionals create a better quality of working life and a more meaningful, enjoyable career. I got an Accredited Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching and the QQI Level 6 Component Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics, went part-time and launched my own coaching business.


COACHD enables me to bring together everything I’ve learned about psychology, the science of behaviour, with professional coaching tools and techniques to provide a truly effective, evidence-driven approach to career change.

Let’s work together to create a better quality of working life and a more meaningful, enjoyable career for YOU: whatever that looks like, isn’t it time to make it happen?

Take a look at my coaching services and get in touch today - I look forward to hearing from you!