What to expect from a coaching session with me

Have you ever had a coaching session? What was it like?

For me, coaching is as much an experience as a process that gets results. The experience includes where the coaching takes place, what happens at each stage of the process, as well as the relationship between you and your coach. To help you decide whether or not you want to work with me, here’s what to expect from a COACHD coaching session!

Location location location

Let’s start with the “where”. I offer both face-to-face coaching and coaching over Skype or Zoom, i.e., virtual coaching.

Face-to-face coaching

For face-to-face coaching sessions, the tea or coffee is on me!

For face-to-face coaching sessions, the tea or coffee is on me!

Here’s what we’re aiming for: a location that's comfortable and relaxing, suitably quiet but with a welcoming atmosphere thanks to the people around you enjoying a coffee or tea and some food.

A good example would be the Atrium in the Clayton Hotel Leopardstown. As well as a pleasant ambience, this hotel has great service, ample parking and has a Luas stop a few minutes’ walk away.

Wherever we meet, I’ll text you to let you know exactly where I’m sitting. I like to get there early to pick out the best spot!

What about virtual coaching?

Sometimes, it makes more sense to do virtual coaching.

Meeting face-to-face has its benefits but so does virtual coaching, whether it’s via Skype or Zoom. It’s very convenient because there’s no travel time, you don’t have to dress up to go out, and there’s little or no distraction (although this might require some planning on your part, it’s well worth it).

It’s easy to take notes, we can share documents online, and you have complete control over your environment: a big plus if you’re an introvert or a HSP (highly sensitive person) like me.

Welcome: Let’s Begin

 “I found [Nicola] to be very engaging, friendly and gentle.” (former client Jillian Egan; you can read her testimonial here.)

If you’re looking for a boot-camp instructor who will yell you into submission, that’s not me. Don’t get me wrong: I will challenge you when it’s appropriate but my aim is to be 100% supportive (and not trigger memories of P.E. classes you’d rather forget!).

When we meet, we’ll already have spoken on the phone and have an idea what it is you want to work on. We’ll recap and spend time more clearly defining your agenda, i.e., what you want to get out of the coaching relationship. It’s hugely important to be crystal clear on what your goals are so that everything we do is a step in the right direction and - equally important - you know when to celebrate!

The middle of the session

A coaching session unfolds rather like a conversation: there’s a natural flow to it with a clear beginning, middle and end. Having clearly defined your agenda, we’ll then work out the best way to tackle it in the current session and any subsequent sessions we might be having.

Coaching is collaborative. We will work together to create change. An important part of my role is to listen carefully and ask powerful questions that will help you gain insight and take action. We may use paper-based tools but they’re not always necessary. It’s a good idea for you to take notes, so that you can refer back to them between sessions and monitor your progress.

What exactly we cover depends on how many sessions you’re having and where you are in the process but generally once we’re clear on what you want, we can focus on how you’re going to get it.

Wrapping up: the end

As the session comes to a close, we’ll summarise what we’ve worked on that day, including what progress you’ve made. We’ll usually create one or more action steps for you to take before we speak again (whether that’s on a follow-up call or another one-hour coaching session).

You’ll likely experience a range of emotions before, during and after a coaching session. You might feel some trepidation at the beginning, especially if it’s your first coaching session. Don’t worry! That will quickly dissipate and be replaced by enthusiasm and you will be surprised how quickly the time will go. It’s also a tremendous relief to tackle a problem that’s been hanging over you for a while.

You’ll leave feeling motivated and confident in the knowledge that you’ve made a solid start in figuring out your next step towards a more enjoyable, meaningful career! What could be better than that?

any questions?

Does this answer all of your questions about what happens during a coaching session with me? If not, please drop me an email or message me via my Facebook page!